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ALTO 800

Presenting the new Alto 800

The best moments are the moments of freedom. Now experience the improved engineering with stunning design of the new Alto 800, which gives you the freedom to go anywhere and anytime with your loved ones.

Presenting the new Alto 800

The best moments are the moments of freedom. Now experience the improved engineering with stunning design of the new Alto 800, which gives you the freedom to go anywhere and anytime with your loved ones.

Stylish Interiors

The new designer seat and door trim fabrics, ergonomically designed rear-headrest and spacious interiors with classic grey colours give Alto 800 an air of sophistication, making it a universal favourite.

Intelligent Ergonomics and Comfort Seating

  • Raised rear headrest for comfortable seating.
  • Extra head and shoulder room in front along with extra leg room at the back.
  • Intelligently packaged slim doors to maximise interior passenger space and comfort.
  • Sophisticated seats and interiors

More Space For Happiness

With an increased overall length and added utility spaces, the new Alto 800 comes with more space for you and your loved ones.

Technology Meets Convenience

Now listen to your favourite songs on the integrated music system or experience the convenience of keyless entry and power windows. The new Alto 800 comes with an array of features that will make you want to take it for a long drive.

Get The Best That You Need.

The new Alto 800 comes with High Efficiency Gasoline Engine using Electronic Throttle Body for a peppier and smoother driving experience, as well as better fuel efficiency.

Efficient Responsive Engine

  • Cable Type Gear Shift Mechanism for smooth gear shifting
  • Detent Pin Technology (DPT) for precise shifting
  • Diagonal Shift Assist (DSA) adds to the comfort by assisting in effortless shifting from 5th to 4th gear
  • Flat torque curve prevents frequent gear shifts

Drive Better – Drive Safer.

Alto offers enhanced safety features like driver-side airbag (O) and improved braking performance from the base variant itself. The car has truly been engineered keeping in mind your comfort and safety.

Number of cylinders 3
Swept Volume 796cc
Engine Type F8D
No. of Valves 12
Engine Control 32 Bit Computer
Maximum Power 35.3 Kw @ 6000 rpm 30.1 Kw @ 6000 rpm (CNG)
Maximum Torque 69 Nm @ 3500 rpm 60 Nm @ 3500 rpm(CNG)
Overall length 3430 mm
Overall Width 1490 mm (without side molding) 1515 mm (with side molding)
Overall Height 1475 mm
Wheelbase 2360 mm
Tread 1295 mm
Front Rear 1290 mm
Transmission 5 Speed MT Cable Type Gear Shift
Alto 800 STD / Alto 800 STD (O) 695 kg / 697 kg
Alto 800 LX / Alto 800 LX (O) 715 kg / 717 kg
Alto 800 LXi / Alto 800 LXi (O) 720 kg / 722 kg
Alto 800 VXi / Alto 800 VXi (O) 725 kg / 727 kg
Alto 800 LXi CNG / Alto 800 LXi CNG (O) 810 kg / 812 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight 1185 kg
Front Solid Disc
Rear Drum
Suspension System
Front Gas Filled Mc Pherson Strut Torsion Roll Control Device
Rear Coil Spring, Gas Filled Shock Absorbers With Three Link Rigid Axle And Isolated Trailing Arm
Tyre Size 145/80 R12 (Tubeless)
Seating 5 Persons^
Fuel Tank 35 Litres (Petrol) 60 Litres (CNG Water Filling Capacity)
  • Headlight Levelling –  Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • High-Mounted Stop Lamp –  Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Immobiliser – Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Front Wiper & Washer With Intermittent – 2 speed
  • Collapsible Steering Column – Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Tubeless Tyres – Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Central Door Locking – No (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Driver Side Airbag – No (STD/LX/LXI/VXI) / Yes (STD-O / LX-O/LXI-O/VXI-O)
  • Rear Door Child Lock –  No (STD /STD -O/ LX/ LX-O)  Yes (LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • (O) Optional Safety variant
  • Assist Grips (Co-Dr + Rear) –  Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Front Console Bottle Holder –  Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Dial Type Climate Control  –      Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Coin Holder  –  Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Rear Console Bottle Holder – No (STD /STD -O/ LX/ LX-O)  Yes (LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Driver Side Storage Space – Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Passenger Side Utility Pocket –  Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Dual Tripmeter –  Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Air Conditioner With Heater – No (STD/STD -O) Yes (LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Fr Door Trim Map Pocket (Dr) – No (STD/STD -O) Yes (LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Fr Door Trim Map Pocket (Passenger) –   No (STD /STD -O/ LX/ LX-O)  Yes (LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Remote Fuel Lid Opener – No (STD/STD -O) Yes (LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Fr Power Windows – No (STD /STD -O/ LX/ LX-O)  Yes (LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Power Steering –  No (STD /STD -O/ LX/ LX-O)  Yes (LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Digital Clock (In Speedometer Display) –  No (STD /STD -O/ LX/ LX-O)  Yes (LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Remote Back Door Opener –  No (STD /STD -O/ LX/ LX-O)  Yes (LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Remote Keyless Entry – No (STD /STD -O/ LX/ LX-O/LXI/LXI-O)  Yes (VXI/VXI-O)
  • (O) Optional Safety variant
  • C Pillar Lower Trim (Molded) –   Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Cabin Light (3 Positions) – Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Floor Carpet – Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Floor Console – Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Interior Colour – Dark Grey  (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Seat Upholstery – Vinyl (STD/STD-O)  Fabric + Vinyl (LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • B & C Pillar Upper Trims – No (STD/STD -O) Yes(LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Silver Accent In Speedometer – No((STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O) Yes (LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Silver Accent Inside Door Handles – No((STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O) Yes (LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Door Trim Fabric Insert –  No((STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O) Yes (LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Metallic Finish 3 Spoke Steering Wheel – No((STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O) Yes (LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Silver Accent On Instrument Panel –  No((STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O) Yes (LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Sunvisor – Dr (STD/STD -O) Dr+Co Dr (LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Integrated Stereo with USB, AUX In & Radio – No (STD/STD -O /LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O) Yes (VXI/VXI-O)
  • Front Speakers (2) with Speaker Grille – No (STD/STD -O /LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O) Yes (VXI/VXI-O)
  • Accessory Socket – No (STD/STD -O /LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O) Yes (VXI/VXI-O)
  • Rear Parcel Tray – No (STD/STD -O /LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O) Yes (VXI/VXI-O)
  • Center Garnish for Integrated Audio – No (STD/STD -O /LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O) Yes (VXI/VXI-O)
  • (O) Optional Safety variant
  • Aero Edge Design –  Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Trendy Headlamps – Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Sporty Front Bumper & Grille – Yes (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Body Coloured Bumpers –  No (STD /STD -O/ LX/ LX-O)  Yes (LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Body Coloured Outside Door Handles – No (STD /STD -O/ LX/ LX-O)  Yes (LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Wheel Covers – Center Cap  (STD /STD -O/ LX/ LX-O)  Full (LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • Body Side Moulding – No (STD /STD -O/ LX/ LX-O/LXI/LXI-O)  Yes (VXI/VXI-O)
  • Outside Mirror – RH,LH Side (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • ORVM Type – Pivot Type  (STD/STD -O/LX/LX-O/LXI/LXI-O/VXI/VXI-O)
  • (O) Optional Safety variant
Body Hatchback
Make Maruti Suzuki
Model Alto-800
Mileage 24.7 km/l
Fuel type Petrol
Engine F8D
Year 2016
city mpg
hwy mpg
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